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The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits duty-free and tax-free temporary importation of goods for up to one year. The initials “ATA” are an acronym of the French and English words “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission”.ATA Carnet cover almost everything: Commercial samples; Professional equipment; goods for use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, events. ATA Carnets reduce costs to exporters by eliminating value-added tax (VAT) and customs duties. Carnet holders are not required to post security deposit with customs Carnets simplify customs border crossings and cut red tape by allowing importers and exporters to use a single document for all customs formalities Make advance customs arrangements at predetermined cost Visit several countries Use their ATA Carnet for several trips during its one-year validity Return to their home country without problems or delays


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Attribute Details

Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
X_MEMBER_TYPE Member Type English Open Varchar2 30 Member-Non Member
X_MEMBER_EXPIRY_DT Member Exp Date English Open Date mm/dd/yyyy
X_LICENSE_ISSUE_AUTHORITY License Issuing Authority English Open Varchar 150 List of value -check sheet (License Issue Authority)
CREATED Carnet Processed Date English Open Date mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM
SR_NUM Unique identifying number for the service request, generated when the request is created. English Open Varchar2 64
BEST_CALL_TM Carnet No English Open Varchar2 30
X_R2_PROCESSING_TYPE Processing Type English Open Varchar2 15 Express-Normal
ATTRIB_33 Carnet Validity English Open Date mm/dd/yyyy
X_DEPARTURE_DATE Departure Date English Open Date mm/dd/yyyy
POST_MORTEM_RVW_DT Re Importation Date English Open Date mm/dd/yyyy
TT_TYPE_CD Intended Use Type(Trouble Ticket Type) English Open Varchar2 30 Commercial Samples-Professional Equipment-Exhibitions And Fairs
SR_CAT_TYPE_CD Help desk service request category type code English Open Varchar2 30 ATA Carnet
SR_STAT_ID The current status of the service request. English Open Varchar2 30 List of Value-Check Sheet (SR Status)
SR_SUBTYPE_CD Service request Sub type English Open Varchar2 30 List of Value-Check Sheet (service Sub Type)
X_CHANNEL Channel English Open Varchar2 30 List of Value-Check sheet (Channel)

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Dubai Pulse Data API

Access resource data via a web API with powerful query support.

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The Data API can be accessed via the following actions of the CKAN action API.
  • Query
  • End Users will receive "API Key" and "API Secret" in two separate emails on the first time Grant of a Dataset, first Purchase of a Commercial Dataset, or Purchase of an API Package. This API Key and API Secret combination should be used to generate API token and the token will need to be included in the http headers of every API call made.

    Authentication Service to generate API token: with body 'client_id={API Key}&client_secret={API Secret}'

    Read the value of "access_token" from the response of the above service and use it in the header of every API call. The obtained API token is valid for certain duration (for example 30 minutes) after which a fresh token needs to be obtained.

    Header Name : Authorization
    Value : Bearer {access_token}

  • Query Parameters
    API calls can be made for full dataset result (subject to maximum results limit) or to a subset of results. Different filters can be applied on the results. Developers can use the attributes to apply a combination of filters with and/or conditions.
  • Limiting the Response Size
    Developers can limit the number of records returned by an API call passing the "Limit" parameter in the call. The value of the "Limit" must be less than the allowed maximum limit.
  • Limiting the Attributes
    Developers can limit the API response to specific set of attributes by passing the attribute names in the API call. The example below explains how the attributes can be specified in the API call. This feature can be used in conjunction with query parameters.
  • Curl Command Sample:
    curl -X GET --header "Authorization: qMtn6xQapeouAlirfHXD7DWJFabV" ""
  • Query Samples: AND zone_id=2 OR zone_id=2
  • Record Limit Sample:
  • Record Offset Sample:
  • Record Order By Sample:
  • Attribute Limiting Sample: OR zone_id=2 &column=zone_id,line_name,location_id