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Dubai Courts
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Updated: 02 Jan 2021
Princples المبادئ القانونية: Records of all divorce occurances authorised by Dubai CourtsRecords or generated legal prinicples throughout case attended by cassation court
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Updated: 02 Jan 2021
Field Value
Data Provenance This data set represent a valuable information of extract of high court ''Cassation'' judgements generated by by Case management application that run using Oracle tools and Orale Database over Dubia Courts infrastructre
Tags / Keywords Law principles judiciary Legislation cassation court
Dataset Source tb_rules tb_filtered_recitals tb_rule_cases
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Dataset Temporal Windows
The monthly upload is full dump
Yes (Approval required from Dubai Courts prior to providng this information to any entity)
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Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
30000 records
Source Platform Type
OLTP relational database (Oracle)
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Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
rule_type The rule type of the principle it can be civil or criminal English Open NUMBER 2 1 to 2 Yes
rule_year Rule year English Open NUMBER 4 Denormalized
rule_serial Rule serial English Open NUMBER 6 Denormalized
rule_number Rule number English Open NUMBER 6 Denormalized
keywords Keywords Multiple rows Arabic Open VARCHAR2 4000 Denormalized
rule_short_text Short description of the principle Arabic Open VARCHAR2 2000 Denormalized
published_number Published number Arabic Open VARCHAR2 4 Denormalized
published_page Published page Arabic Open VARCHAR2 6 Denormalized
case_subtype_code Case number PK1 English Open NUMBER 3 Please see case_subtype tab Denormalized
case_year Case number PK2 English Open NUMBER 4 Denormalized
case_serial_number Case number PK2 English Open NUMBER 5 Denormalized
session_date The date of the session English Open DATE 10 DD-MM-YYYY Denormalized