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Updated: 05 Jul 2020
Consumption data from CPMS/SAP
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Updated: 05 Jul 2020
Field Value
Data Provenance The customers are commercial, residential, industrial and government/Private.
Dataset Source WEBSERVICE
Remarks/Special Business Rules
Coverage (Geographic area)
Dataset Temporal Windows
Data will be provided on a hourly basis
Frequency of Update on Source
Frequency of Update to SDP
Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
Approx 100 to 500 entries max.
Source Platform Type
JAVA & jdk1.8.0_102
Already Shared?
If Shared, with which Entities?
All government /private
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If Published, where?
News paper,social Media
Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
hubelean_id Unique Hubeleon identity assigned to the charge point. English/Arabic Open Text 50
location_name Location of the charge point. English/Arabic Open Text 255
location_address Street and area address for the location of the charge point English/Arabic Open Text 255
location_postcode Location Postcode English/Arabic Open Text 50
longitude Geographical longitude of the device location. Used in conjunction with the latitude it can be used for precise location on a map. English/Arabic Open Text 50
latitude Geographical latitude of the device location. Used in conjunction with the longitude it can be used for precise location on a map English/Arabic Open Text 50
device_status Present status of the device which may be: • Available – a charging socket on the unit is available for use. • Occupied – all sockets of the charge point are currently in use. • Faulted – the unit has declared a fault and is unavailable for use. • Offline – the unit’s communications with the central server have ceased for over 24 hours and the present state of the charge point is unknown • Unavailable – the unit is not available for use as it is either de-commissioned or unavailable due to service or some other reason of inaccessibility. English/Arabic Open Text 10
device_last_message Date and time that the servers received a message from the charge point. To confirm how recently the device confirmed its operation state English/Arabic Open DateTime 30
devicedb_id Unique identifier that is assigned to a charging cycle English/Arabic Open text 50