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Updated: 02 Jul 2020
Contains information about the Required load, Power NOC, cost estimation
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Field Value
Data Provenance On submission of the application a unique application number is generated by the system and the customer is expected to submitted with required docs such as building NOC's and DM documents . (In case resubmission of documents is found necessary customer is informed.) The application is seperated based on the water demand requirements (Bulk vs House Connection) and thereafter processed. The concerned engineer inspects the site and approves the connection request and prepare the estimated cost for the connection. The customer can followup the status through online system and remit the necessary fees for DEWA to proceed. Once the payment is received and the site is ready the work is executed and supply released.
Tags / Keywords Customer DEWA Electricity Getting Obtain Power application apply connection new
Dataset Source SAP-CRM
Remarks/Special Business Rules
Coverage (Geographic area)
Dataset Temporal Windows
Application is online. It is a monthly report provided on Monthly basis inside DEWA It will be a quarterly incremental file with activiteis of the previous 3 months
Frequency of Update on Source
Upon transaction
Frequency of Update to SDP
Quarterly 3 months will be merged into one file and sent to SDP
Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
8000 yearly
Source Platform Type
Business Application / CRM
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Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
posting_date Submission date for the application Mix Open date (DD.MM.YYYY)
project_type Type of the project such as developer projects, industrial,contractors etc. Mix Open alphanumeric 255
plot_number Location of customer's premises English Open alphanumeric 10
community Community number refers to the number assigned by Dubai Municipality to the areas in Dubai English Open Numeric 10
load_type Category based on demand/ small or large meter Mix Open alphanumeric 255 DEWA-Load Type Tab
application_no Application number generated when the customer initiates an application with DEWA Mix Open alphanumeric 30
revision Number of revisions/submissions Mix Open alphanumeric 10
dm_reference_no Refrence for Application No. in DM English Open alphanumeric 30
category Customer's category refer to as residential, commercial, industrial etc. English Open Text 255 DEWA-Rate Tab
cable_laid_date Date on which the cable laid to the customer Mix Open date (DD.MM.YYYY)
estimate_payment_date Date of payment received for the estimated value of the new connection Mix Open date (DD.MM.YYYY)