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Updated: 16 Apr 2021
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Field Value
Data Provenance this dataset show all the Corporate Profiles- for Maritime Operation only details that stored in SMP database. we are using the system SMP(Smart Marine plat form) to store the Corporate Profiles- Owners/ Companies/ Maritime Operation Agents information details. the view used to generate this dataset Account view
Tags / Keywords Cooperate profiles DMCA Dubai Maritime City applicant
Dataset Source smart marine platform –(Microsoft Dynamic CRM)
Remarks/Special Business Rules refer to Dubai maritime city authority servcie catalouge (
Coverage (Geographic area)
Dataset Temporal Windows
A dumb file will be sent in a daily bases at 1 AM contains all existing, new and updated data
The dataset is maintained by Dubai Maritime City Authority. 1. The information located in the dataset are protected by copyright, trademark and other forms of proprietary rights. All rights, information owned by, licensed to or controlled by Dubai Maritime City Authority. 2. Except as otherwise provided, the information shall not be reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise distributed in any way, without the prior written permission of Dubai Maritime City Authority. 3. Modification or use of any of the dataset information for any other purpose shall be a violation of Dubai Maritime City Authority's copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Frequency of Update on Source
Frequency of Update to SDP
Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
Approximately 10 Records per day
Source Platform Type
Windows server 2012,SQL server 2014
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Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
english_trade_name Cooperate English Trade Name English Open text 460
arabic_trade_name Cooperate Arabic Trade Name Arabic Open text 460
company_type Type of the company English Open text 100 MOPs Provider Sponsor Organizer company