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Updated: 18 Sep 2023
This dataset contains the list of professions
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Field Value
Data Provenance We have Admin interface to add/modify/delete data in jobs table
Dataset Source website
Format CSV
Created 16 Feb 2018
Last updated 18 Sep 2023
Frequency of Update on Source Upon transaction
Frequency of Update to SDP
Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
Total No. of Records = 61 / Since its lookup data, the data is not changed often
Language English~English~Arabic~~English~Arabic~English~Arabic~English~~~English~Arabic~~
State active
Rights N/A
License notspecified
Name Description Size Datatype Foreign Key Range of Values Language Classification
service_center_id ID of the service center 10 number Denormalized English Open
branch_name_en Latin name of the service center 150 Text English Open
branch_name_ar Arabic name of the service center 150 Text Arabic Open
is_head_office Is this branch a head office ? Boolean Open
location_en Service center location in Latin 50 Text English Open
location_ar Service center location in Arabic 50 Text Arabic Open
po_box_no_en Service center PO Box Number in Latin 10 Text English Open
po_box_no_ar Service center PO Box Number in Arabic 10 Text Arabic Open
email_contact Email contact 25 Text English Open
tel_contact Telephone number 9 Text Open
fax_contact Fax number 9 Text Open
working_hour_en Working hours 15 Text English Open
working_hour_ar Working hours 15 Text Arabic Open
geo_add_latitude Latitude Text Open
geo_add_longitude Longitude Text Open

Dubai Pulse Data API

Access resource data via a web API with powerful query support.

The Data API can be accessed via the following actions of the CKAN action API.
  • Query
  • End Users will receive "API Key" and "API Secret" in two separate emails on the first time Grant of a Dataset, first Purchase of a Commercial Dataset, or Purchase of an API Package. This API Key and API Secret combination should be used to generate API token and the token will need to be included in the http headers of every API call made.

    Authentication Service to generate API token: with body 'client_id={API Key}&client_secret={API Secret}

    Read the value of "access_token" from the response of the above service and use it in the header of every API call. The obtained API token is valid for certain duration (for example 30 minutes) after which a fresh token needs to be obtained.

    Header Name : Authorization
    Value : Bearer {access_token}

  • Query Parameters
    API calls can be made for full dataset result (subject to maximum results limit) or to a subset of results. Different filters can be applied on the results. Developers can use the attributes to apply a combination of filters with and/or conditions.
  • Limiting the Response Size
    Developers can limit the number of records returned by an API call passing the "Limit" parameter in the call. The value of the "Limit" must be less than the allowed maximum limit.
  • Limiting the Attributes
    Developers can limit the API response to specific set of attributes by passing the attribute names in the API call. The example below explains how the attributes can be specified in the API call. This feature can be used in conjunction with query parameters.
  • Curl Command Sample:
    curl -X GET --header "Authorization: qMtn6xQapeouAlirfHXD7DWJFabV" ""
  • Query Samples: AND zone_id=2 OR zone_id=2
  • Record Limit Sample:
  • Record Offset Sample:
  • Record Order By Sample:
  • Attribute Limiting Sample: OR zone_id=2 &column=zone_id,line_name,location_id