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Dubai Police Force was established on June 01, 1956, and was based in Naif Fort, as its Headquarters, until the year 1973 when it was moved to the current location. Naif Fort was transformed, later, into one of Dubai Police Stations. We, Dubai Police, are proud to be an Arab modern police establishment with a force of more than fifteen thousand employees who are characterized by their degrees of high-level multi specialties and training. We are also proud to be one of the best security institutions, at all levels; locally, regionally, and globally. Dubai Police is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates Police Force. Its mission is to improve the quality of life, in the Country, by operating in accordance with the constitutional rights to enforce the law and maintain security and safety of the community and of everyone living in the Country. Service description Al Amin App : A bridge of communication between community members and public administration to the security of the state by receiving feedback from the public security by using modern means of communication Events Application : An app to give information to users attanding the big events that is done by the Events Security Committee in Dubai Labor complaints : This service allows workers who have a residence or work visa issued by the emirate of Dubai to provide individual or collective complaints against the companies and organizations they work for and relating to the living conditions, wages, housing and labor to make sure that the security requirements of safety.


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