Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is entrusted with building and maintaining Dubai’s roads and transportation systems, and with overseeing vehicle registration and licensing procedures. Its mission is to develop and manage integrated and sustainable roads and transportation systems to a world-class level, to deliver pioneering services to ensure stakeholder happiness, and to support Dubai’s future-oriented vision. The Authority implements global best practices, adopts new technologies, and shapes policies and legislation.


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All bus public transport types within Dubai.

(Data 8)

All marine public transport types within Dubai.

(Data 5)

All tram public transport types within Dubai.

(Data 10)

All rail public transport types within Dubai.

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Includes location, contact information, hours of operation and other information

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Information regarding Dubai's Salik road toll system

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Information on Dubai’s public parking facilities managed, operated and maintained by the RTA

Public Transports
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General information about public transport use

Roads and Cars
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Information regarding cars and roads in Dubai