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Updated: 22 Feb 2021
List of current Prohibtions & Restrictions applicable on Commodities
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Field Value
Data Provenance Prohibitions & Restrictions imposed against commodities by the various authorities which mandate issuance of permits or approvals or physical inspections before release
Tags / Keywords Controlled Goods HS Code Harmonised System Code Prohibitted Goods Restricted Goods
Dataset Source CIF (Corporate Information Factory)
Remarks/Special Business Rules None
Coverage (Geographic area)
Dataset Temporal Windows
Complete data is available as part of each ingestion cycle. Delete all existing dataset records and insert with records available in this data file
Frequency of Update on Source
Frequency of Update to SDP
Expected Volume/Ingestion Cycle(Daily if Real-time)
68,000 records
Source Platform Type
Oracle Database
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On Dubai Trade portal (partial information only for search)
Attribute Name Attribute Description Attribute Language Attribute Classification Attribute Datatype Attribute Size Attribute Range of Values Attribute Foreign Key
commodity_code Commodity Code English OPEN nstring 8
commodity_name Name of the Commodity English OPEN nstring 100
is_partial Is it a Partial or Full Prohibition? English OPEN decimal 1 1-Yes0-No
requesting_agency_name Requested By Authority name English OPEN nstring 50 1-Yes0-No
requesting_department_name Requested by Authority Department Name English OPEN nstring 50 1-Yes0-No
duration_type Type of duration of effectiveness English OPEN decimal 10 0-Open Ended1-Date Range2-Recurring Date Range
start_date Effective Start Date English OPEN date/time 10 0-Open Ended1-Date Range2-Recurring Date Range
end_date Effective End Date English OPEN date/time 10 0-Open Ended1-Date Range2-Recurring Date Range